Week One

Jan. 6 Tues.

Introduction to Class + Douglas Rushkoff.

Course Schedule and Objectives + Policies.

What is Web Design: Lynda.com video.

→ Read Program Or Be Programmed: Intro - Chpt. 1 for Thursday.

→ Acquire Domain name and Hosting through Laughing Squid.

Jan. 8 Thurs.

Discuss chapter 1.

Change domain name servers.

Configure laughing squid using FTP.

Introduce Project 1: HTML Newsletter + Wordpress site

Newsletter examples.

Wordpress.com -vs- Wordpress.org.

Preparing Wordpress for Laughing Squid.

(TextEdit preferences for HTML editing).

→ Read Program Or Be Programmed: Chpt. 2 for Tuesday.

→ Design newsletter in Photoshop/Illustrator for Thursday 15 Jan.

Week Two

Jan. 13 Tues.

Discuss chapter 2.

Matt Mullenweg.

Installing + Working with Wordpress.

Introduction to HTML : URL’s, Directories, basic HTML + Links.
→ Watch lynda.com HTML #’s HTML Essential Training, Chptr 3.

Jan. 15 Thurs.

Due: Newsletter designs.

HTML HEX colors + RGB colors + color picker, W3C.

Introduction to Dreamweaver: Interface, FTP, + Tables.

Working with tables + inserting images.

Instructions for in-class exercise on tables.

→ Read Program Or Be Programmed: Chpt. 3 for Tuesday.

Week Three

Jan. 20 Tues.

Discuss chapter 3.

Instructions for in-class exercise on building an html newsletter..

→ Convert your newsletter to HTML for class Thursday.

Jan. 22 Thurs.

Finish newsletters.

Demo: working with mailchimp + WP shopping cart.


Finished Newsletter Mark Up

→ Test HTML newsletter w.shopping cart online + send mailchimp email by Teusday 27 Jan.

→ Read Program Or Be Programmed: Chpt. 4 for Tuesday.

→ Read HTML 5 For Designers

Week Four

Jan. 27 Tues.

Discuss chapter 4

******* HTML newsletter due in email *******

******* Wordpress Critique *******

Demo: Tables -vs- Cascading Style Sheets.

Introduction to CSS (HTML + CSS handouts + more CSS).

In class exercise: CSS Positioning.

→ Watch lynda.com CSS Fundamentals, chptr. 3.

Jan. 29 Thurs.

In class exercise: CSS Floats.

Converting color tables to CSS.

→ Read Program Or Be Programmed: Chpt. 5 for Tuesday.

→ Convert HTML newsletter to CSS for Tuesday.

Week Five

Feb. 3 Tues.

Discuss chapter 5

Brickwall positioning exercise.

Demo: Styling Typography.

Demo: lists + menus.

→ Watch lynda.com HTML Essential Training ,chptr 6.

Feb. 5 Thurs.

Demo: Designing with grids and translating pixels to ems + %'s.

Introduce Project 2: Responsive Website.

Grid Materials and More Grid Materials

Create groups for Tuesday's class.

→ Design Comps + Wireframes due next Thursday 12 February (instructions).

→ Read Program Or Be Programmed: Chpt. 6 for Thursday.

Week Six

Feb. 10 Tues.

1. Discuss as groups the criteria for good/bad website design.

→ Come up with 5 positive and 5 negative qualities.

→ Bookmark 4 websites, 2 good/2 bad for short presentation Thursday.

2. Read first 6 chapters of The Shallows for discussion Thursday 19 February.

Feb. 12 Thurs.

Discuss chapter 6

Demo: Working with Media Queries + responsive images.

→ Read Program Or Be Programmed: Chpt. 7 for Tuesday.

Week Seven

Feb. 17 Tues.

Style Guides, Wireframes + Design Comps due

Discuss chapter 7

Discussion/Presentation: Class criteria for good/bad website design.

Design Principles from Dieter Ram.

Demo: further with menus.

→ Work on responsive site home page for critique Tuesday 24 Feb.

Feb. 19 Thurs.

Demo: CSS Transitions + Gradients.

Individual meetings over project 2 Style Guides, Wireframes + Design Comps.

Studio / Troubleshooting

→ Watch lynda.com CSS:Gradients and CSS: Transitions and Transforms .

→ Read Program Or Be Programmed: Chpt. 8 for Tuesday.

Week Eight

Feb. 24 Tues.

Discuss chapter 8

Working with Video and Sound: youTube + Soundcloud.

Studio time / Troubleshooting.


Feb. 26 Thurs.

Critique responsive site home pages.

Demo: Adding FancyBox Image Galleries.

Studio time / Individual meetings re: building out sites.

→ Read Program Or Be Programmed: Chpt. 9 for Tuesday.

Week Nine

Mar. 3 Tues.

Discuss chapter 9.

Studio time / Troubleshooting.

Mar. 5 Thurs.

Pre-critique complete responsive sites.

→ Read Program Or Be Programmed: Chpt. 10 for Tuesday.

Week Ten

Mar. 10

Meet at Top Pot Doughnuts 9:30am (720 3rd Avenue Suite 100).

10-11am: Studio Visit to Efelle Creative (719 2nd Avenue #1075)

Studio time

Mar. 12

Discuss chapter 10

******* Final Critique *******