Week One

March 31 Tues.

Introduction to Class.

Course Schedule and Objectives + Policies.

What is javaScript? What is jQuery?

→ Prepare 16 images for Thursday.

April 2 Thurs.

Demo: Photoshop for the web.

Coding a responsive lightbox gallery.

Getting started with jQuery.

jQuery light box w.fancybox
→ Prepare a simple HTML + CSS home page for Tuesday April 7



Week Two

April 7 Tues.

Coding a responsive slider.

→ jQuery light box w.flexbox 2 & ResponsiveSlides.js

April 9 Thurs.

Introduction to javaScript.

Introduction to jQuery.

Coding rollovers + animated menu with jQuery.

→ Watch lynda.com jQuery Essential Training

→ jQuery exercise_1 due Tuesday14 April


Week Three

April 14 Tues.

Introduce Project 1: Vertical Parallax Site

In-Class Exercise: Begin Vertical Parallax Site

→Design Comps for Project_1 due Tuesday 28 April.

→Custom Parallax Sites due Tuesday 5 May.


April 16 Thurs.

Mission Day : No Class


Week Four

April 21 Tues.

In-Class Exercise: Finish Vertical Parallax Site

April 23 Thurs.

Outside Studio Time


Week Five

April 28 Tues.

Due: Design Comps for Project_1

Studio Time: Markup + CSS for Custom Parallax Sites.

April 30 Thurs.

Due: Markup + CSS for Project_1

Demo: skrollr.js re-fresh

Studio Time: Scripting Animation for Custom Parallax Sites.

→Read Nicholas Carr's The Shallows, p.1(chptrs 1-6) for discussion/quiz Tuesday 12 May


Week Six

May 5 Tues.

Due: Finished + Working Online Parallax + Animation for Project_1

Critique Custom Parallax Sites.

May 7 Thurs.

Review skrollr.js

Introduce Motion Graphics

→ Revise+ re-submit parallax sites by Thursday 14 May.

→ Create 12 or 24 frame animation due Tuesday 12 May.

→Read Nicholas Carr's The Shallows, p.1 (chptrs 1-6) for discussion/quiz Tuesday 12 May


Week Seven

May 12 Tues.

Discussion + Quiz: The Shallows, chpt. 1-6

Demo: Working with Adobe Edge Animate

→ Watch lynda.com Edge Animate Essential Training

→Read The Shallows, p.2 for discussion/quiz Tuesday 19 May

→Create simple motion graphics for Thursday 14 May

May 14 Thurs.

Due: Revised Parallax Sites

Studio Time: Working with Motion Graphics


Week Eight

May 19 Tues.

Discussion + Quiz: The Shallows, p.2

Due: Motion Graphics Projects

Introduce Project_2: Final Client Website

Copy Text

Book Websites

May 21 Thurs.

Review: Programming

Demo: jQuery UI, Custom jQuery Objects.

Studio Time: Working with jQuery (right-click + save file as)

→Design Comps + Book Covers for Project_2 due Tuesday 26 May

→Lynda.com's jQuery UI course is a great resource

Week Nine

May 26 Tues.

Due: Design Comps + Book Covers for Project_2

Demo: Forms

Studio Time: work on Sites for Project_2

May 28 Thurs.

Demo: TBA

Studio Time: work on Sites for Project_2

Week Ten

June 2 Tues.

Demo: Google Maps

Studio Time: work on Sites for Project_2

June 4 Thurs.

******* Final Critique *******